Case Study: Nashville Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (Q2 2022)

Concierge Director: Kevuntez D. King
Patient Name: Jacqueline Wheeler
Patient’s Age: 74
Admission Date: 4/4/2022
Admitted From: Home
Discharge To: Home
Length of Stay: 26 days
Reason for Stay: Fall Risk
How did the patient hear about Nashville Center? Primary Care Physician

Details of Experience:

Mrs. Wheeler has always been a very active woman who loves to be on her feet, cheerful, and mobile. In February, Mrs. Wheeler was battling covid along with the challenge of being an unbalanced and potential fall risk. During her regular activities at home, she suffered a fall that required her to receive surgery. Prior to her surgery, she was sent home, and later she was admitted to Nashville Center. Mrs. Wheeler and her son searched for the best rehab facility in Nashville, and Nashville Center was amongst the highest rated. Mrs. Wheeler expressed that upon her arrival, “I felt so loved and welcomed. As soon as I stepped foot into the facility and knew this was the place that would get me back to independence.”

When the Physical Therapy team first evaluated Mrs. Wheeler, she was mobile but required a small amount of assistance from the therapy team. Mrs. Wheeler had some simple goals. She stated that she wanted to be more steady on her feet and return home to Illinois. When Mrs. Wheeler admitted she was mobile, she needed to gain the confidence that she could be steady on her feet on her own without overthinking. Mrs. Wheeler was very pleased with how the therapy team stuck with her through her therapy process and kept motivating her to do more and improve daily. Mrs. Wheeler praised the wonderful nursing and tech staff for always being attentive to her needs and patient with her. Mrs. Wheeler said that “I wouldn’t be where I am in this progression without each team member keeping me motivated and pushed every single day.” The cleanliness of the building was a major plus for Mrs. Wheeler, as she was an admitted “germaphobe.”

At the beginning of her stay, Mrs. Wheeler was not motivated; she knew her goal but wasn’t motivated. After a few therapy sessions, she gained the confidence to go the distance independently to gain complete independence. At the beginning of her stay, her baseline distance was 75 feet unassisted, and after sessions of therapy, that number increased to 250 non-assistance. When Mrs. Wheeler was discharged, she could walk unlimited distances without assistance.

The Nashville Center wishes Mrs. Wheeler congratulations and only the best as she returns home.