Case Study: Nashville Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (August 2019)

Christopher Jordan started his day at Nashville Center not as a patient, but as an employee in the dietary department. On May twenty-first, Christopher was taking food carts to the six hundred hall to pass out meals to residents when all of a sudden he collapsed of a stroke. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for care. On his third day in the hospital, Christopher endured a second stroke and a seizure. Medical staff at the hospital sent him to the ICU where he stayed for three weeks recovering and getting healthy. He began some therapy at the hospital while still being watched by the doctors before being transferred to the Nashville Center for more therapy on July second.

The transition from employee to the resident was interesting for Christopher. Instead of serving the food, he was now receiving food from the same carts that he collapsed pushing two months prior. His main focus was not on the food, but rather on therapy and getting back to his normal healthy self. Mr. Jordan loves going to therapy because it is fun and upbeat. He believes all the therapists to be a fun, supportive, and positive bunch who genuinely want to help not only him but all of the residents coming through the gym doors. One therapist in particular really makes the difference in Mr. Jordan’s life and that is Cindy. He loves to go see Cindy because she “makes therapy exciting” and she is always happy and radiates positivity in every session they have together. Through Cindy and the rest of the Therapy department’s help, Mr. Jordan has made some great progress towards getting back to full health. He is very happy and excited that he can walk and move his hands more.

Mr. Jordan is making great progress towards being healthy and has a lot of optimism thanks in part to his stay at the Nashville Center. When asked what he will do when he gets better Mr. Jordan said, “I want to get healthy and start doing a lot of walking on a treadmill.” Thanks to all of the care Mr. Jordan has received at the Nashville Center, these goals will be reachable in no time.