Upcoming Events

Celebrate the month of August and the Summer season with us here at Nashville Center! 

Tea Party

We are thrilled to host an afternoon tea party on August 18th at 2:00pm! Dress to impress and join us for tea, pastries and light sandwiches. Let’s enjoy each other’s company – pinkies up! 🙂 

Spa Day

To celebrate National Relaxation Day on August 15th, we will be hosting an incredible spa day for all who wish to attend. The event starts at 10:30am, it’s never too early to sit back and relax. You deserve self-care and “me time”! 

Nashville Center Fair

August is the prime time to attend the fair! Who doesn’t like a good fair?! Well, we are bringing the fair atmosphere right to our community here at Nashville Center by hosting your traditional “fair food” and fun-themed games! Everyone is welcome to attend! Step right up and join us.